Seven-year-old Catherine Higgins from Maine became the CEO of Unicorn World for one day.

Wait. Unicorn World? Yes, Unicorn World.

Unicorn World Event
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What is Unicorn World, and how did a seven-year-old Mainer run it for a day?

Unicorn World is an immersive, interactive, and themed event with a magical forest and life-sized unicorns. It was the brainchild of husband and wife duo Lauren and Patrick Mines. Here's where Catherin Higgins comes in. Catherine entered a local business plan contest with the idea of a unicorn world where families make special memories together. She did not win. But when Lauren and Patrick heard of Catherine's story, they decided to let her put her business plan to work, and made her CEO for a day. She welcomed families to a unicorn utopia during the Atlanta event on April 20-21.

It was a day of CEO duties for Catherine. She had to lead a team meeting before the doors opened, check in with key employees, conduct media interviews, and interview guests during the event. Lauren said in a press release,

When we heard Catherine’s story, we knew we had to fly her family to our Atlanta show, show her a sneak peak of how the magic of Unicorn World is made and give her the most wonderous job ever, being CEO for a day.


Unicorn World will be in Hartford, Connecticut, on June 15 & 16

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Blue Media

Sure, you've got unicorns in Unicorn World, but there's also an enchanted forest, arts and crafts section, storytime, and colorful, life-sized, moving and neighing unicorns.

Unicorn World travels, and will be closest to Mainers and New Hampshirites on June 15 and 16, 2024, when it lands in Hartford, Connecticut. Unicorn World is the only experience that lets you walk through and get up close to lifelike and life-sized unicorns. Do you have a little one obsessed with unicorns?

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