I love this dog!

Major, the newest addition to the York Maine Police Department,, was born on 9/10/23. He is by far the cutest cop on the force. Major is helping York police provide crucial first responder peer support, assist victims, ease the trauma of people affected by tragic, traumatic, and violent events, and engage with the community. He's doing so well on all tasks!

York Maine Police Department Facebook
York Maine Police Department Facebook

Major's dedicated handler, Officer Michael Taddei, is always ready to assist and answer your questions. If you spot them, please say hello! And Major is a sucker for a good belly rub. He has a lot of training ahead of him, but he's got star status on TikTok already.

What a perfect dog for the job at hand! He made a splash a while back when first introduced. He's such a good boy posing for pictures. Hey, it's part of the gig.

York Maine Police Dept Facebook
York Maine Police Dept Facebook

I can't imagine what a belly rub would do for my mood, because just looking at that sweet face melts me! Every police department in Maine should have a Major on the force.

How can I meet Major?

If you have a small business, then I think you may need to be at their Small Business Safety Course on November 27 at 5 pm in the York PD training room! Major will be there! You need to sign up by emailing mmavery@yorkpolice.org. I would start a small business just to sign up for this event!

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Major can’t wait to see you there!

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