Maine Has a Lot of Lighthouses

Out of all the 65-ish lighthouses in the state of Maine, this one is the one you should visit if you only have time for a short visit to The Pine Tree State.  You want to see the view, a beautiful lighthouse, grab a lobster roll, and maybe take in some history, right?  Portland Head Light and Fort Williams Park in Cape Elizabeth, Maine, has all you need, and here are 7 reasons why:

1.  The Light Herself

She is an absolute beauty.  According to, it is the most photographed lighthouse in America.

Sarah Sullivan/Townsquare Media
Sarah Sullivan/Townsquare Media

2,  The View

You can't beat the view from anywhere around the Lighthouse in Fort Williams Park.  The view of the Atlantic is breathtaking, no matter what time of year it is.  I have been when the temperature is in the single digits and the wind is whipping, and people still come out to witness the view.

Sarah Sullivan/Townsquare Media
Sarah Sullivan/Townsquare Media

3.  The Cliff Walk

If you're looking for a short and scenic walk, you can take the Cliff Walk from the Lighthouse itself to The Goddard Mansion and back.  It will take you about 35-ish minutes, that is if you don't stop along the way for pictures. And everyone stops.  I still do, and I've been a million times.

Sarah Sullivan/Townsquare Media
Sarah Sullivan/Townsquare Media

4.  The Goddard Mansion

You have to go check out this once-grand mansion that was built in 1861, according to  By the time the town acquired the property, it was in disrepair.  They had a controlled fire at the property sometime in the '80s, and what's left is what is standing today.  My imagination runs wild when I go visit.  It must have been a grand place.

5.  The Playground

If you have kids that could not give hoot one about the Lighthouse, the beach, the scenery, etc., you can always take them to the playground at the park.  There are swings and places all around the park for kids to identify plants.  Or you could opt to play frisbee or softball.  There are wide-open spaces for your kids to run.

6.  Bite Into Maine Food Truck

If you want the full Maine experience, you'll no doubt want a lobster roll.  Bite Into Maine Food Truck is located right in Fort Williams Park.  The truck has a variety of food, not just lobster rolls.  They have the Maine staple, red hot dogs, veggie selections and more.

7.  Gorgeous Gelato

If it's gelato you crave, you can find that easily at the base of the lighthouse.

Where is your favorite lighthouse?

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