The other day, I was out for dinner at a restaurant in Portsmouth.  We had a good meal with drinks, but I did think the place was overpriced.

When I looked at the bill, I noticed a 'Kitchen Appreciation Fee' on the tab for 3.5% of the total.

What is that?

Maybe It Was a Mistake?

When I asked the server about this fee, she said that it was for the back-of-the-house employees who don't get tips.

She then told me that I could have it taken off, but who is going to do that?

"Yeah, go ahead and stiff the guy working his tail off for minimum wage while I give you a $40 tip on a $180 tab."

No, that didn't happen. Of course I paid for it, but I admit, I wasn't happy about it.

Before You Judge, I'm All About Getting Paid

Don't get me wrong, I am all for the back-of-the-house workers getting a piece of the sometimes-enormous pie of restaurant tips. However, wasn't that something that was started during the pandemic?

Why are we still seeing it?  Also, shouldn't the servers tip the back of the house?  That's how it should be, if you ask me.

The Back of the House Makes Everything Run

My family has a little restaurant in Maine, and they have the servers kick in for the back-of-the-house staff.  It's only fair to everyone trying to give the patrons a great experience.

The back-of-the-house staff are the ones who make the wheels turn, and the servers know it.

What are they going to do, wash their own dishes?  The servers happily give a piece of their tips away at the end of every shift.

Have We Become Tip Crazy?

I'm not saying that the above example is the way it should be, but I am saying that I am all tipped out.

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