It's always interesting to hear people's thoughts on New Hampshire, whether they're lifelong locals, new residents, or visiting tourists.

In the past, we've talked about things that shock people after moving to New Hampshire, what people say when they hear you're from New Hampshire, and even things you'll only understand if you live in New Hampshire. These conversations made it clear that there are countless things only us locals can understand and relate to, and these experiences bring us together in humorous ways.

Whether you've lived here for one day or many decades, it's important to also remember the things you should NEVER do in New Hampshire, at least if you want to remain on the good sides of your fellow Granite Staters. But what might these things be?

We decided to ask the good people of Facebook for answers, and boy were they opinionated. But that came as no surprise. We've always been a passionate bunch, after all. So, let's look at the 16 things you should never do in New Hampshire, according to locals. Some are serious, others are chuckle-worthy, and a handful are downright ridiculous. But we love 'em all.

16 Things You Should Never Do in New Hampshire

Gallery Credit: Megan

Moving to New Hampshire? These things might shock you upon your arrival.

12 Things That Shock People After Moving to New Hampshire

Time to look at New Hampshire through the eyes of a new comer! What do we do differently that people from elsewhere think is weird? The answer is...A LOT OF THINGS.

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There are some things that only Granite Staters understand. Let's find out what they are.

Eight Things You'll Only Understand if You Live in New Hampshire

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When people hear you live in New Hampshire, they're bound to have opinions. Here are some comments that might be said to you.

12 Things People Say When They Hear You're From New Hampshire

Gallery Credit: Megan

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