My brother's nickname in school was "Meatball".  Growing up in an Italian household, sooner or later you're going to get a nickname, and his wasn't so bad.  After all, who doesn't love a good meatball?

It's a great source of protein, plus some good gravy (sauce in laymen's terms), cheese, and garlic. Mmmmm.

Meatballs have become one of America's favorite meals, whether as a sub, or with spaghetti.  Some restaurants serve enormous homemade meatballs for appetizers loaded with sauce, pesto, and/or cheese. posted about some of the best places in America for meatballs, and there's one place in Boston (actually in all of New England) which stood out.

Al's Cafe in and around the Boston area was named one of the top spots for meatballs in the country, especially meatball subs.  The roll is loaded with meatballs and fresh provolone cheese, with just the right amount of sauce.

Al's meatball subs are huge, so you'd better have a big appetite.

There are three Al's Cafes in Boston and one in Cambridge, and all feature very affordable prices for subs and other food offerings.  A large sub is $11.50, and a small sub is $9.50.

Al Costello opened his first Al's Cafe on State Stree in Boston, and it's grown to four locations.  It's a family affair, with his mom working the register at the State Street cafe, his Uncle Tony opening the Essex Street location, his cousin Deb doing all the murals in all locations, and her husband Artie running the South Street cafe.

Al's Cafe is a favorite for the local food show, The Phantom Gourmet.

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