There's nothing better that a warm cup of hot chocolate during the winter months.

Everyone loves hot chocolate (or 'hot choccy', as this writer likes to say). Maybe you like yours plain, or prefer to shake things up by topping the beverage with whipped cream, marshmallows, or candy canes. You may even prefer dark chocolate to regular chocolate. Either way, it's impossible to go wrong.

So where are the best places to enjoy hot chocolate in New Hampshire? We all know that the drink is easy to make, but what about the spots where the hot chocolate is on a whole other level of amazingness?

Courtesy of the good people of Facebook (as well as some Internet research), we've compiled this list of 15 of the best places to grab a cup of hot chocolate in the Granite State. Are any of these spots near you?

These Are 15 of the Best Places for Hot Chocolate in New Hampshire

Gallery Credit: Meg

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