I have been living in New Hampshire for a few years now. As a transplant from Massachusetts, I can say there are a few distinct differences between living in New Hampshire as opposed to other states. A glaring one is that people in New Hampshire are nicer. It's just plain and simple.
I'm not here to drag Massholes. I wouldn't do that to my own kind! But Granite Staters are a special breed. We don't sit in traffic for hours a day, so we have time for pleasantries. A big chunk of our paycheck isn't spent on paying taxes. We get the mountains, ocean, and lakes all in one state. What is there to complain about?
But don't take my word for it. A recent study proves that New Hampshire is one of the kindest states in the country, #4 as a matter of fact! Doesn't that make you feel proud to be a New Hampshire resident?
The survey found:
  • 100% of NH respondents would donate an organ to a family member.
  • 100% would lend money to a friend or family member in financial difficulties.
  • 86% of respondents would spontaneously send flowers to a friend to cheer them up.

As I review the stats above, I am not surprised in the least. The people of New Hampshire look out for one another. We have seen it so many times! When someone is in need, their community rallies around them to lift them up. I was already proud to live in this fine state, but this survey gives me even more bragging rights.

If you are curious where the other 49 states landed in the rankings, check out the nationwide kindness index here.

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