There's something oddly satisfying about watching the same thing over and over again.  It's not mundane, but mesmerizing, particularly if it's something that's being productive.

Memories of pasta-making are vast in my house, as it's been a regular tradition for years.  How many people stop to think about how pasta is made?

One of Maine's best restaurants, Leeward, on Free Street in Portland, set out to show how they make their homemade and very delicious pasta.  The responses are very witty, as everyone agrees we could all watch this for hours and not be bored.

Leeward is known for their homemade pasta, and takes great care to create the best pasta in Portland, Maine.

Gluten-free patron have nothing to fear, with homemade ricotta gnocchi substituted for any "glutinous" pasta dish, according to

Rigatoni, spaghetti, cannelloni, anolini, or the beautiful gigli (short pasta with ruffled edges) pasta are all made daily, fresh and wonderful.

If you've never made pasta, the recipe takes a minute to get the consistency right.  A pasta machine is a must, even in your own kitchen, but restaurants have automatic pasta machines to knead and push out various pasta creations.

The key is the person ready at the knife to cut the proper size of pasta.

If you love Italian food with a twist, you have to try Leeward.  There's more than homemade pasta too.

The eatery sources local vegetables, meats, and seafood to make epic dishes nightly, including steak and cod.

So next time you need a break while you're working, stare at this pasta video and make yourself dream of a scrumptious pasta dish (homemade of course).

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