When I see people live past the age of 100, I want to know all of their secrets. They clearly have this living thing figured out, and the rest of us could learn a thing or two.

I have a new idol. I want to be just like Herlda Senhouse of Wellesley, Massachusetts. My girl just recently celebrated a pretty unbelievable birthday. She turned 113 years old! She was born the same year as Lucille Ball and Ronald Reagan.

Of course, they threw her a celebration where she lives.

Doesn't she look unbelievable? I know that's something people say when someone celebrates a monumental birthday like this one, but I truly mean it. She just has an amazing energy about her; you can tell she has wisdom. You simply want to be in her presence in hopes that some of it rubs off on you.

The post on Instagram got tons of love, with people commenting things like "God Bless you Herlda!" and "She doesn't look a day over 70!" For most people, that would be a backhanded compliment. But for Herlda, people are essentially saying she looks 43 years younger than her actual age. That's a pretty real compliment to me.

Her secrets to longevity are keeping her friends (of all ages) close:

Hitting the slots often.

AND she disclosed that she never had kids, so that has helped her live a stress-free happy life. WELL, SHOOT! I just welcomed a baby into the world four months ago, so I might not be around as long as Herlda, but I'm still going to try.

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