There were a lot of sad faces when the news came from Santa's Village in Jefferson, New Hampshire.  Rudy's Rapid Transit Coaster has been a fixture for over 40 years, first at Benson's Animal Park and then at Santa's Village, but it was time to be cast into the sunset, as parts are difficult to find.

The tired but beloved reindeer coaster needed to be replaced, so on October 15, 2023, Rudy took its final run, with many heavy hearts standing by.

Onward and upward to Santa's Village, though.  There's a newer, shinier cousin of Rudy's going up in the same spot where the older coaster's footprint was.

Welcome to "Midnight Flyer", a coaster manufactured by Vekoma Rides in the Netherlands.

According to, "The Midnight Flyer will give riders the feel of flying with reindeer, just like Santa does to deliver presents."  It's a gentle roller coaster made especially for kids 36" tall or more.

For those concerned it will be too much for a children's theme park, the site says, "It’s about fifty percent taller, and slightly faster, than the previous coaster, and its new cars with individual laps bars will accommodate a wider range of adults and children."

There's no exact date as to when the coaster will be completed, but here's an animation of what the ride will feel like.

For those who want to relive the original Rudy's Rapid Transit Coaster again and again, you can watch this video on repeat.  We will miss the antlers and smiling reindeer on the front of the ride, but memories will help keep Rudy alive for generations to come.

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