March Madness is here! Has your bracket been busted from the jump? I am not even a huge sports fan, but there is something thrilling about filling out your bracket and going with your gut, because anything can happen!

At the time of writing this, I am so pleased to report that my bracket is actually performing quite well in my company bracket challenge. This is actually hilarious, because I based my picks on my favorite mascots and cities that I have visited or want to visit one day.

When it comes to cities that are obsessed with March Madness, my mind goes directly to cities down south where college basketball is life. But a new study came out and revealed which cities, states, and fanbases are the most and least obsessed with March Madness, and my hypothesis could not be more wrong. Boston basketball fans were found to be among the most obsessed with March Madness in all big cities!

Come to think of it, are we that surprised? Boston is a sports-loving city.  Any excuse to post up at a bar and scream obscenities at a TV while shoving wings into our faces; we are down to clown!  One in five Americans make a bracket every year. 62% of Boston fans say they plan to watch games even if their favorite team is knocked out. Now that is dedication! The most popular pick to win the tournament according to all Massachusetts respondents is UConn. That's who I have taking it all!

The average American watches six games in the March Madness tournament each year. How many have you watched so far?

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