Comedian Jim Gaffigan just released a new stand up comedy special, and in it, he took a minute to poke some fun at Mainers. According to NewsCenter Maine, Gaffigan reflected on some time he recently spent here, when he played a show in Bangor. He talked about the fact that several people he spoke with here said "ya gotta come back here in the summer!" He also notes how people in northern cities really sell how great their summers are - for about one month out of the year. "Otherwise, it's a tundra filled with alcoholism and depression."

Seeing this made me realize that I am 100% GUILTY of this! Whenever I have friends visit here from out of town any time between October and May, I'm pretty sure every time I've said "ya gotta come back here in the summer!" How about you?

Watch the clip below, and head to Amazon to watch Jim's entire stand up special.


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