We all felt like lost little puppies last week as random weather forecasting models started showing up SUGGESTING Hurricane Jose may develop into a problem for us in the northeast. We didn't have Best Of Maine: Readers Choice 2017 meteorologist Keith Carson to stomp down our doomsday theories. But guess what? He's baaaaaaaaack.

Carson, fresh off a lengthy stay in Greece promoting his s'medium clothing line, returned to the forecasters chair to put an end to the debate. Hurricane Jose isn't going to amount to squat for Maine. Some increased danger for mariners, some rainfall that we desperately need and the potential for damaging winds but it's unlikely.

Carson delivered his forecast in his latest blog, and then added in a little shade to boot. Mentioning that us bloggers in the radio world should probably stick to playing music and leave spaghetti models to the professionals. He's probably right....but is that going to stop us?

No way Jose! (yes, that's awful)

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