Amongst the many breweries that exist throughout Maine, you'll find several that have themselves a true "following". That would include Batson River in Kennebunk, that serves as a brewery and distillery and hosts guests in their sleek, upscale tasting room that truly feels like a Maine escape. The popularity of Batson River in Kennebunk/Kennebunkport has inspired them to expand their operations and open a new location in the Bayside neighborhood of Portland.

According to Portland Food Map, Batson River is taking over the space at 82 Hanover Street in the same building that's home to the Whiskey Barrel. The owners plan to create to the same feel as their popular Kennebunk tasting room. They'll certainly have plenty of space to do it in, as the portion of the building they've leased is a mere 8,154 square feet.

Batson River's Kennebunk tasting room is filled with unique decor and an upstairs room filled with fun games including a huge wall-mounted Scrabble board. One would believe something similar will make its way to the Portland tasting room. Beyond the games and decorations, Batson River is almost home to their own distilled spirits including gin, vodka, bourbon and rum. They consistently have a craft cocktail menu on hand. And of course, if you're going to operate in Portland these days, you best be bringing the craft beer. Batson River has a variety, including pilsners and IPAs.

Batson River hopes their new location in Portland will be open before the summer of 2020 kicks in.

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