Move over, Sir Mix-a-Lot. Kid Rock has a big "butt" of his own he's ready to display in Nashville. The singer just received approval for a new 20-foot-tall neon sign for his Nashville-based bar that will have a giant guitar with the base of the instrument shaped like a woman's behind.

According to the Tennessean, the Metro Council approved the sign with a vote of 27-3 wit three members of the council abstaining, but even though the neon signage was approved, Rock's choice of visual was not met with glowing approval as "booty" can be found in the eye of the beholder.

Councilwoman Kathleen Murphy, who voted against the approval, told the paper, "We've worked very hard as a city to become somewhere that is a tourist destination, an 'It City,' somewhere that is family friendly. This one I feel crosses the line between good taste, family-friendliness, and I think what we would like Nashville to portray to people who come to visit us. If we allow this, what is going to come next? I think we can all use our imaginations there."

Metro Council attorney Mike Jameson advised the council that First Amendment protections extend to sign regulations by local governments. "If a local government decides to issue regulations that would constrain the contents of a sign, it has to have a specific governmental interest that it is protecting," Jameson said. "Prohibitions on purian interests or vulgarity has been deemed to be a legitimate government interest but it is fraught with peril in defining what is obscene."

Rock has been at the center of the news cycle in Nashville for both positive and negative actions in recent months. The musician was removed as the Grand Marshal of the Nashville Christmas Parade after making profane comments about The Talk host Joy Behar on live television. He also made headlines for paying off the layaway accounts of customers at a Nashville Walmart ahead of the holidays.

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