The hottest issue in the United States right now is the topic of guns. How available and accessible they are, and the potential dangers they pose if they fall into the right hands. Recently, some major retailers, including Dick's Sporting Goods and Walmart, have taken some small steps and altered their gun selling policy. Today, Maine's largest retailer, L.L. Bean, followed suit.

According to the Bangor Daily News, L.L. Bean, which only sells rifles that are specific to hunting or target shooting, will raise the minimum age to purchase one of those weapons to 21 and over.

Maine, like many states, continues to be divided on the gun debate. Some have seen these steps by major retailers as a beginning step to limiting access of weapons to people who simply shouldn't own them. Others see this as a public relations ploy and detriment to those who are arming themselves for defense.

The division can be found on social media posts as well. People applauding the retailers, including L.L. Bean, for their policy change while others have stated that they will no longer shop at these stores because of the move.

L.L. Bean only sells target and hunting rifles and ammunition at their flagship store in Freeport.

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