Happy 4th of July!  Portlanders are taking this time to reflect and remember, in among all the happy times. Three days ago I asked if you could identify the location of this very discreet memorial to Mainers who perished on 911.  We got quite a few guesses, and quite a few correct ones.Jessica Samperi was the first to correctly answer that the memorial is on the Eastern Prom, at Fort Allen Park, near the gazebo that faces eastern Portland Harbor.  It sits at the base of an upright memorial to rescue personnel who perished in New York City, trying to save as many people as they could on September 11th.

I found the markers even more poignant because Portland just lost one of our own from the Portland Fire Department.  Captain Mike Kucsma helped a lot of people over the years, had lots of friends on the FD, and is greatly missed. Thanks for everything, Mike.

Thanks, Captain
Thanks, Captain

Now, go have some fun this Holiday as we celebrate where we live.

Pretty darn great!





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