For more than half a century, people around the Lewiston/Auburn thought of one place and one place alone when it came to grabbing a Halloween costume, Drapeau's. But as times change along with shopping habits, the final curtain call for Drapeau's costume shop is happening.

In a heartfelt Facebook post, the current owner of Drapeau's, Diana Harris, stated she had sold the building in Lisbon Falls that Drapeau's has called home for the last decade and that ultimately the longtime costume shop would close for good. Her Facebook post, which we shared above, generated lots of incredible reactions. A strong mix of thanking Drapeau's for being part of the community, and others sharing memories of costumes they purchased there.

Drapeau's was ultimately more than just a Halloween store. They often supplied many theaters and schools with the costumes they needed to pull off performances. Though Drapeau's had several owners, and different locations, since it opened in 1956, the store always felt small and personable.

Goodbye to a great business that was Maine made. what an incredible show it was for the last 61 years.


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