Maine's latest political battle is over one of our biggest state symbols: Mount Katahdin itself.

WCSH6 reports that in an unprecedented move, Governor LePage has asked President Trump to undo an executive order, signed into effect by President Obama, that officially marks the area around Mount Katahdin as a national monument. LePage wants to return that chunk of land to private ownership, in a move that he says will help stimulate the economy in that area. The land was originally donated by a foundation headed by Burt's Bees co-founder Roxanne Quimby, who called the move "disappointing."

Maine on the Map

Despite LePage's intentions of revitalizing the area, local business owners think they're doing just fine. Clint Linscott, a local business owner, says that he has seen continued growth in the area since the monument became official. Property values are going up, and the tourism industry in the region has steadily increased. Residents of the area are still divided, however. Even Senator Susan Collins says it will be a "real legal question" as to wether or not Trump will make the historic move of reversing the land's monument status.

What do you think of the designation, and it's possible repeal? Please let us know in the comments!

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