read that correctly.

Lewiston has been in the news a lot lately.

First there was the problem with the stench. Apparently they were spreading manure at athletic fields at Lewiston High School. And now crazy unlawful squirrels!

Stephanie Merg/Facebook
Stephanie Merg/Facebook


Stephanie Merg was driving in Lewiston and on the corner of Lisbon Street saw this. Some of the comments include praise that he's at least a Patriots fan. One says that the sign makes no sense and that 'by' should be 'my'. That made me laugh.

But most said that if they saw this guy, they would probably give him money. I know why, because we become desensitized to all the signs. In Portland you see a lot of people on street corners with their signs and their situation...and it can be overwhelming. I have found myself feeling like I am a horrible person if I don't give a little something. Other times, it can just be too much as we are all trying to make the best of our situation.

The takeaway here is, look out for the squirrels in Lewiston!

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