Orbit Hair Styling in Lewiston is short-staffed because apparently, finding help has been hard to come by, especially since the closing of Mr. Bernard's School of Hair Fashion in 2015 as reported by Central Maine News.

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The owner of the salon, Richard Stone is sweetening the pot by offering a $300 interview bonus and a $3,000 hiring bonus for two new stylists paid out over time.

According to Orbit's Facebook page, in addition to the bonus, they are implementing a new training program to "earn while you learn."

Honestly, after watching their recruiting video, I want to work there, and I don't even know what I'm doing with my own hair, let alone anyone else's.

Another incentive is that there's no booth rental at Orbit Hair Styling.

If you're a licensed cosmetologist give them a call, and get that money! 207-500-1122

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