The town of Lisbon, Maine has decided to go all-in on their Moxie affiliation.

On Wednesday morning, the Lisbon Police Department took to Facebook to unveil the newest cruiser joining the fleet, and yes, it looks exactly like a bottle of Moxie.

But is it an April Fools' Day joke? The post was published on April 1 after all.

The Lisbon PD shared details in the post that they had initially put in an order for this specialized cruiser last August, but much to no one's surprise, the factory doesn't get a ton of requests for Moxie-inspired colored cars.

So there was a delay, according to the post, in the vehicle being made and thus, the Lisbon Fire Department was able to steal a little thunder by unveiling their Moxie-inspired fire truck a few weeks back.

Regardless, it's a pretty slick looking cruiser. And the fact that the cruiser also contains the Moxie man with a police hat on is a very nice touch.


But is it real?

If it's not, it's a pretty great photoshop job.

The Lisbon police haven't made it clear one way or another in the post.

One thing is certain however, there's no hiding this Moxie cruiser from anyone. And no, a citation doesn't come with a free can of Moxie.

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