Jakob Armstrong has let loose a few tunes to hear before his debut Ep as "Jakob Danger" hits the streets. Stuff is pretty cool. Check it out here! 

I'm a huge fan of siblings and family connections with bands.

The brother thing always cool; Eddie & Alex Van Halen, Noel and Liam Gallagher (oasis), Ray & Dave Davies (the kinks), Johnny & Colin Greenwood (radiohead) and so on.

The parental thing always super blows me away the most though. Sting's son in Fiction Plane, Ziggy Marley, Julian & Sean Lennon, etc. Yet as cool as it is and as interesting as it all may be, you need to bring it yourself. Mom & dad can't save you once you're doing it on your own. Your record and live set needs to be right on like anyone else. Looking like your dad isn't gonna make your music better.

Here comes another child of music! Jakob Armstrong is the 16 year old song of Billie Joe of Green Day and I gotta tell you, this kid is gonna do some cool things all on his own. The punk influence is there, but not in so much of a spit in your face and buck the system type of punk. This is a bit more in the ballpark of like Alkaline Trio. Old school post punk even. I like what I hear. Jakob's definitely onto something. His older brother Jesse (from the band Swmrs "Swimers") plays drums on these tunes. Check em out!