Sichuan Kitchen, the restaurant that brought the Hot Pot craze to Maine on Wednesday nights has expanded, to most people's surprise. If you're not familiar with Hot Pot, it's like Asian fondue where everyone at the table cooks their own food in a communal pot of simmering broth.

Yesterday, almost two years to the day of opening their original restaurant, they opened another location in the Public Market at Monument Square. They have a smaller menu than their place on Congress Street, but if the food is the same then get ready for a total taste bud treat!

The menu includes Tian Shui Noodles, one of my favorites, their Zhong Dumplings which are tender little pockets of delicious, garlicky pork loin topped with their signature Zhong chili-soy sauce with just the right amount of zing.They'll also be serving Daikon Salad and even their delicious Pork Buns!

I couldn't find their hours of operation at the new spot, but I'd say lunch is a good bet.




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