As people continue to flock to Portland for its food and beverage offerings, the variety of what the city offers up is evolving. According to Portland Food Map, that will include a new cider and spirits bar called Anoche created by longtime Novare Res manager Erika Colby.

Google Maps
Google Maps

The new cider bar is taking over the old space left behind by Coffee By Design at 43 Washington Avenue. The popularity of cider continues to rise, and within just a few months, Portland will have two ciders bars on separate ends of the city. Beyond serving just cider and spirits, Anoche will also specialize in serving pinxtos, which are essentially finger foods traditionally found in Spain.

Novare Res has established itself over many years and an essential place to go for beer lovers. Conventional wisdom suggests that Anoche may follow that same path for cider lovers seeking something different when visiting Portland.

As of this writing, there was firm date for Anoche to open. Both their website and Instagram page feature "coming soon" graphics.

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