As I plan to leave my full time spot on the radio station this week, I've been looking back at some of the tunes and bands that busted out during my 11 year run at CYY. These are some of my favorites. Been a pretty interesting 11 years of CYY music that's for sure.


I'm not a super major huge Slipknot fan, but this tune was cool. The stomp vibe to it reminds me a lot of Anthrax, who I love. Got to meet Cory a couple of times. That dude is one of the coolest people I met during my years at CYY. Very cool guy.


A punk band years ago in France contained members that would go on to start Daft Punk. The other guys went on to start this band, Phoenix.


Ok, bass line alone, home run. The rest that comes with it is pretty cool too! Great tune.


I've stuck with this band over the years although this is all we did with them at CYY in regular rotation. I played the SNOT out of their last record two years ago. I've always liked good grungey stuff, Pissy stuff like Local H, Mudhoney, etc. These guys from Australia were dead on. Still are! Check out their album, Hungry Ghost. Cover to cover killer. They did play Portland once. Remember this line up? Violent Soho, Sick Puppies, Crash Kings, Lost on Liftoff and Headstart? WOW! At the Asylum. Loaded line up. Super great show.


I love the Joy Division feel to it. Their debut record was so great. Moody, dark, sexy, monotone, electronic, herky jerky greatness. Funny thing the lead singer used to wrap in an alternative way and I played his records back when I did college radio 147 years ago.


So much to choose from when it comes to the Foo Fighters. I always like this one. The video is stupid as hell, but they've made up for it plenty of times over.


This song is hypnotic to me. Simple, intense. THEN I saw the movie... this song went to a whole new level and they are inseparable to me forever now.


There's about 5 of you that might remember this one. I've loved it ever since it came out. Up there as my favorite Beck song too. One of two maybe.


Such a great tune. Oh and when you have Johnny Marr playing guitar in your band for a few years... life is good. Yeah.


Still can't get sick of this song. Love the 80's new wave/electronic feel. The main dude had been around for a bit, but this was a big breakthrough for him. Totally deserved.


This band had been doing it for YEARS before they blew up. So their success is totally earned, every bit. This tune is blues with motion.


Again, the "rock" rock stuff I'm picky about. Flyleaf wrote good tunes though and Lacey was amazing for them. This song was a good rocker.


Too much pop alternative these days for me, but these guys are real deal dudes. SUPER cool guys too. Formerly from Denmark, they are NYC guys now. Worked hard and as a 3 piece they bring a hell of a live performance. I saw them on a bill with 4 rock bands. I mean rock, bands. I was worried for New Politics. They came out and owned it. Won over the crowd and I can't tell you the girls looking for them afterwards. I saw one guy walk around with his arms around three girls. Not that thats why you do the music thing or anything....

Anyways, watch this dude bring it live. So much energy and watch all the moves in the middle and at the end. He did this when i saw them live a few years ago and never missed a beat or a lyric. Talented dudes. Great performers and this tunes a pop classic to me.


How many people remember this band featuring Zack de la Rocha (Rage Against the Machine) and Jon Theodore (Mars Volta, Queens of the Stone Age)? I never forgot them. I loved this project. The simplicity. Hard rhymes, fat slammin' drums and those smothering organ sounds... this band was way cool.


Their first record did some things, but the follow ups (including one with a new girl up front) never blew up unfortunately. I thought they were great live at the shows they did with us. Love the 80's new wave influence with the girl and guy singing. "Le Disco" was killer and this one was too for me.


I'm a big fan of soaring, melodic modern rock. So this band hits on those points needless to say. One thing I needs to be appreciated and addressed is 99.999% of all people in hollywood/tv/movies that do the music thing fail in horrible ways. Jared is so all about this band and the music you are dead wrong for not paying him that respect. He's put so much into this thing, when he could be making movies and just dating hot models and actresses the rest of his life. He took this chance and stayed the course through a changing industry, ADD human race, his record label nightmare and 30 million dollar lawsuit, etc. He could have hid in his acting. He didn't. He kept pushing out great modern rock and making you believe in it. He is an actor, but this is no role. This has been real to him and I've always recognized that. Their videos though... mad long! How about those budgets? Damn!


Tim stepped aside from Rancid to do a couple things like The Transplants and this killer solo stuff!





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