Remember when we all thought Spring was really here? Well, Mother Nature is going to show us! Forecasts are rolling in with the potential (but it's almost certain) that all of New England and particularly Maine will be in line to get smashed by a powerful Nor'Easter this Wednesday into Thursday.

So how much snow will we get? Well, that depends on the track of the storm. Preliminary guesses range from 5 to 8 inches along the coastline, with the classic spots in the mountains getting potentially more than a foot. The track could get wacky for the good or the bad, meaning the coastline could get a dusting with a whole bunch of sleet OR the snow could pile up like we're all in the mountains.

The best news about this potential storm is that the winds look less significant than the last storm we only got a taste of. Those winds left many coastal communities in southern Maine wading through water. This storm however, is shaping up to be more of your classic snow/sleet dumper.


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