The dating world can be tough and there is no further proof of that then a recent missed connection ad posted on Maine's Craigslist. The ad, titled "the limping girl in Whole Foods" probably doesn't get off on the right foot (pun intended) and as you can read for yourself, the author's intentions are good but perhaps smooth, skillful writing isn't their strength. Perhaps we can dissect and make a few suggestions.

The opening line of "I was the guy in ratty gym clothes" is not a hot start. Gym clothes would have been sufficient to jar a memory, ratty gym clothes is the kind of guy that girls, limping or not, typically don't give a second glance.

"I saw you limping and looking totally adorable" is a 50/50 line for me. On one hand, the idea of limping probably isn't something that she's excited about but on the other hand, at least the guy thought she looked adorable doing it.

"If you'd been carrying things instead of pushing a cart, I would have asked to help" I suppose this is a statement of fact more than conjecture, but I would have focused on her ability to be self-sufficient even with her obvious situation.

"I've never posted an (ad) like this before. I wish I'd managed something better than 'looks painful'" So do I. But when you're on the hot spot, totally digging a gal limping your ways, you've got to think on your toes. Looks painful! Had to be followed by an obvious wry smile or some giggling. The one obvious error, if she looked or interacted in any way, this guy should have asked what happened. How did you end up in the cast? That's terrible, how long are you going to be on crutches? How about I buy you a cup of coffee?

Orrrrrr, I could write a missed connection on Maine's craigslist. Dating is tough, missing those key connections is clearly tougher.

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