Occasionally, there's times in life where someone will point out something you're doing (or have done often), and a moment of realization washes over you. The internal dialogue kicks in and you are forced to admit to yourself, "yes, i do that". For some Maine drivers, that moment is now.

Shared on Reddit by SSSeaward, they posed a very simple question and a seemingly stupid driving maneuver that far too many people in Maine are guilty of executing.

Men arguing with each other from their vehicles while driving

The driving maneuver is all about turns. Left or right, it doesn't matter. And for those guilty of the annoying maneuver, it becomes a question of "do you know what kind of vehicle you're actually driving"?

The Redditor explained it like this:

"Why do lots of Maine drivers turn the car the opposite way before proceeding to turn the intended direction?"

There may be some marginal exaggeration in that description, but the heart of it is accurate. Far too many drivers in Maine take right or left turns as though they're behind the wheel of a tractor-trailer or massive dump truck. Instead, they're driving a Ford Focus.

Google Maps
Google Maps

Some drivers are so dramatic with their turns that their car goes outside the designated lane lines. Other drivers come to a near complete stop to execute what should be a very simple turn.

Many commenters on the Reddit post got defensive over the accusation, claiming they're often avoiding something like potholes. The reality? They're simply driving outside the lines of their lane and causing another driver next to them undo stress for what seems like an inexcusably foolish driving maneuver.

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