Restoring Maine's history is one step closer following a recent vote in the state's capital.

According to the Bangor Daily News, Maine's House of Representatives has narrowly passed a bill that could finally correct a tragedy that has been haunting Maine for over a century. We finally might get our original state flag back.

Cue the Tom Brady "LET'S GO" GIFs, ladies and gentlemen. We might actually get one of the greatest designs ever back in an official capacity.

So long to the boring, outdated, unoriginal, lame flag that has been irrelevant since 1909. Hello (potentially) to Maine's beautifully perfect and historic flag. A design that truly separates us from the rest of the union.

I mean, just look at this beauty.

Getty Images
Getty Images

It's subtle, yet majestic design even meshes perfectly with Old Glory. I'm not sure there's a better combination of anything in this world.

The vote on the amendment was very tight. According to the Bangor Daily News, it passed by a margin of just three votes. It's the first time a flag change bill has been passed in over 100 years. Similar measures had been tried in 1991, 1996, 2019, and 2021.

While there is still plenty of work still to be done, this is a tremendous step for those who have been tirelessly fighting this righteous uphill battle. Righting a 100+ year tragedy is never easy work.

As for those who prefer the old flag, I suggest you move to Massachusetts, New York, New Hampshire, Montana, Vermont, Kentucky, Nebraska, or any other state that has an unoriginal blue flag with a circle in the center and some random stuff. There's nothing worse than not being able to stand out from your peers. And Maine deserves to be better than all of these states.

Are the symbols on the current flag important? Of course. But I don't need to see a fisherman on my state flag to know how impactful the industry is to this great state. Radio DJs are important, too. I don't see any of us on the flag.

Simplicity, originality, creativity. These are words that are synonymous with Mainers. They are also synonymous with the state's original flag. It's just meant to be.

Here's to hoping the next steps go swimmingly for our original beauty. It's time for Maine to regain its history.

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