As the snowbanks continue to be sky high, so are the snowfall totals. Maine has a couple cities that top out near 100 inches of snow for the winter already!

Have you been feeling like every snowstorm is a big one? Well, you're not alone. The entire state of Maine has been pounded by snow repeatedly this year and the totals are really starting to add up. According to WCSH-6's Todd Gutner, Maine has 3 cities in the top 10 for the northeast in total snowfall.

Caribou is just 5 inches short of having the unfortunate distinction of being the snowiest place in the Northeast and Gray isn't lagging far behind. Gray has received more snow than any other town in southern Maine, by more than 2 feet over the next closest city, which is Portland. Other Maine towns and cities rank outside the top 10 but in the top 25, meaning that Maine has had a brutal winter already and it may not even be done.

If these totals are any indication, don't put that snowblower away yet.

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