In a bit of troubling news, a study done by Southern Methodist University broke down the proportion of psychopaths in the US by state, and Maine did not fair well. Maine ranked as the 7th most psychopathic state based on the methodology used, and was the highest ranked amongst all of the New England states.

Shared on Twitter by Michael Shepherd, the researchers at SMU studied the "big five" personality traits and how surroundings and socioeconomic factors can play a part in outcome variables. Meaning, if two people grow up the same exact way in Colorado and Maine, will their outcomes be the same? Probably not.

The study event went as far as to break down what professions have the highest percentage of psychopathic behavior. The top professions include CEO, chef, media (radio, tv, journalism), salesperson, lawyer and civil servant. People who have those occupations have disproportionate psychopathic numbers.

In fact, the Northeast as a region was declared to be the most psychopathic area in the United States. It's also characterized as the most "temperamental and uninhibited" region in the country. The study doesn't say that we can blame that on long winters and our love of beer. Sorry.

So should we all be concerned? No. This doesn't mean the apocalypse is on the horizon or that all of your neighbors are crazy. What it does mean, is that mental health welfare needs a closer look, especially here in Maine.

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