Well, this is "pretty" cool! Maine music students are part of the new song by one of our favorite CYY bands, The Pretty Reckless.  Thanks to The Halo and one of the coolest, talented, and nicest music guys in Maine, Jonathan Wyman, the Maine Academy of Modern Music students were invited to sing on "And So It Went", the latest single by The Pretty Reckless. It gets even cooler because also featured on the track with the MAMM students is Tom Morello, the guitarist from Rage Against The Machine. This is incredible!


Here's the crew from MAMM outside The Studio in Portland after their epic recording session





MAMM students sing on the final choruses of the song and their parts were recorded at The Studio: Portland under the supervision of local engineer and producer Jonathan Wyman.  Jonathan has produced The Pretty Reckless's upcoming album "Death By Rock And Roll" which is due to be released this February.  Check out the MAMM kids with The Pretty Reckless and Tom Morello on the new song RIGHT HERE and be listening for it on CYY!!

Listen for the MAMM students at about 3:30 in. Rock and Roll!

The Maine Academy of Modern Music is the biggest and best music school in the state. Think of it as Maine's School of Rock. MAMM has done a tremendous job keeping kids engaged in music during the pandemic. The non-profit organization is statewide and many kids get scholarships to be able to learn their musical craft. MAMM ROCKS!

The Pretty Reckless


Who knows, maybe next time we can get Taylor Momsen to sing on a MAMM single!


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