From an arctic blast to spring-like temperatures, the last week or so in Maine has been a pretty wild ride. Even though Punxatawny Phil called for spring to come early, every good Mainer knows there's still plenty more snow to come before we can truly start thinking spring. And unfortunately for the lovebirds of Vacationland, some of that snow may be heading our way just in time for Valentine's Day.

Shared on Twitter by Robert LaRoche, some forecast models are calling for significant snowfall across the entire southern portion of the state and into the mountains as well. But again, before you rush to your local Hannaford and stock up on supplies, there are two things to consider: we're still a week away from this weather and other forecast models say we'll still be too warm to get an all snow event.

It's that warmth that is probably the biggest hurdle for any major accumulation to happen. Several times this winter, we've experience a mix or just straight rain along Maine's coastline thanks to some extra warmth. That could end up being the case with this storm that is brewing.

Keep your eye on the forecasts, as things should become more clear and certain by the end of this weekend. Some people's Valentine's Day dates may be turning into Netflix and chill.

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