'Tis the season and while restaurants continue to attempt to navigate the pandemic, some have decided to get creative for the coming colder months. That includes Erik's Church in Windham, who shared on Facebook their plan to transform their patio into a Christmas-themed pub with individual bubbles filled with festive cheer.

The idea behind the bubble pub is to still allow people to get out of their house during the winter months while still staying warm and with people they feel comfortable being around. Each bubble is fitted with a several amenities, including an individual mini-electric heater for just enough warmth, a picnic table for seating and a volume-controlled speaker as you enjoy the cheerful entertainment.Oh, and don't forget about the Christmas decorations that will be bountiful. Each bubble will have it's own "helper" courtesy of Santa, and whether you're making it an adult night out and bringing the whole family, there will be a special selection of food and drinks for everyone. There is an 8-person maximum per bubble.

Santa's bubble pub is family-friendly Sunday-Thursday while Friday and Saturday are adult-friendly. The fun begins each day at 5pm and reservations are required to secure yourself or your group a bubble at Santa's Pub.

Erik's Church hopes to make this an annual event at their establishment but does ask for a little holiday patience as they iron everything out in this first year of operation. Cheers.

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