A Maine State Trooper acted quickly last week to save a man's life, according to a post on the Maint State Police's Facebook page.

Last Wednesday evening, Trooper Olmstead was parked at a baseball field in Plymouth when a woman came up to say she had driven by the boat landing where she saw a man splashing water on another man's face was in the driver's seat of a truck and was concerned.

When Trooper Olmstead approached the scene he heard a man yelling for help as he performed CPR on the other man. Olmstead rushed back to his cruiser and grabbed gloves and NARCAN, a drug used to block the effects of opioids. He gave the person one does and within 30 seconds he was conscious and breathing normally.

Thanks to the person who notified Trooper Olmstead, the person administering CPR and Trooper Olmesteads quick action in recognizing the situation, this man's life was saved.

This incident also shows that the opioid crisis in Maine is real. So if you or someone you know is struggling with opioid addiction or any other type of drug addiction, there is help for you.

The Maine Department of Health and Human Services has a website set up with resources available to Mainers and their loved ones dealing with addiction at knowyouroptions.me.

$3.5 Million Bar Harbor Estate For Sale Includes An Amazing Pool

The stuff that dreams are made of!

Wow, look at this huge solar-heated saltwater swimming pool, which is part of this $3.5 million dollar estate for sale located on the shore of Salsbury Cove in Bar Harbor. There's certainly enough room in it for all of your family and friends, and then some! Just imagine the pool parties that you could hold here. Where's that volleyball?

The property built in 2009 is located at 65 Shore Acres Road and consists of the main house and a couple of really nice seasonal guesthouses on 2.64 acres right on the shore. All total we're talking 6 bedrooms and 5 bathrooms and a total of 5,826 square feet. Pretty amazing, and that's what your guests are sure to say when they stop by to visit or to spend a few fun-filled and relaxing days by the ocean in Bar Harbor.

The property is listed for sale by Jamie O'Keefe on Realtor.com..

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