What the actual what?


According to WGME CBS13, there was a public hearing about a bill to raise the bottle redemption deposit in Maine from the current five cents to a whopping 25 cents!

This would only increase the deposit for bottles and cans that are currently 5 cents. It would NOT affect wine bottles or the big liquor bottles.


There wasn't a lot of chat about why. I can only assume that it's an attempt at cutting down on litter? But why increase it by 5 times the current cost! Good lord, doubling it I would think would be a hard enough sell...but to make it 5 times more cost?

What would happen to bottle drives? Would people be more willing to give up their bottles when 4 of them is a dollar?

I cannot imagine Mainers are gonna be rooting for this to pass. Personally, I hope this dies a quick death wherever dumb bills go to die.




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