According to the Portland Press Herald, 2015 was the best year in the Maine Turnpike's 69-year history and because of that, plans to widen a section between Portland and Falmouth might come to fruition sooner.

In 2015, the Maine Turnpike raked in $128.2 million dollars, besting any previous year in history. With record profits, the turnpike authority will now consider moving projects they had planned for the future ahead of schedule. That includes widening a portion of the turnpike between Portland and Falmouth.

That section, beginning after exit 44 and ending at exit 52, is currently only 4 lanes. The entire southern portion of the turnpike is 6 lanes. The idea of widening that section comes based on research suggesting more residents are using highways for shorter trips than ever before.

The last time the Maine Turnpike was widened was 2004. That summer and fall was filled with significant traffic delays and back ups. Will a Portland expansion have even worse short term consequences? The Maine Turnpike Authority will lay out plans in March.

Do you think the Maine Turnpike, between Portland and Falmouth needs to be widened? Do you think the short term traffic problems from a summer filled with construction is more problematic?

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