Let's go Murphys! It's not St Patrick's Day in New England without the Dropkick Murphys. For many years the Murphy's have done a slew of concerts around St Paddy's Day in and around Boston. Last year, with the COVID lockdown just starting, the band did a free live stream from a secret undisclosed location on St Paddy's Day. It was one of the very first live streaming concerts.  Here we are a year later and the Murphys are still in lockdown. And luckily for us, bringing the World another free streaming concert.

Tonite at 7 pm.


Get your beer and you boiled dinner ready because the Murphys know how to bring the energy, even if it's a streaming show. The last time Dropkick Murphys played in Portland was around St Patrick's Day 2019 at the State Theatre. The last time the Murphys played to a real live audience was February of 2020 in London. Then the world stopped.  During the pandemic the band did a fantastic live stream show (featuring Bruce Springsteen on the scoreboard video screen).


Let's go Murphys!!



Dropkick Murphys
Dropkick Murphys



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