Many of us are stuck inside right now. It's not so bad at first but after a while the cabin fever sets in.

Or maybe the kids start climbing up the walls.

Whatever is going on, wouldn't it be nice to get out this weekend and maybe have a karaoke night with your friends?

Young man singing into a microphone at karaoke

While that's not possible right now you can get your karaoke fix from the comfort of your own home on Facebook.

Mainer Joseph Meyers started the group, Quarantine Karaoke, just days ago and at the time of writing has over 30,000 members.

The group is simple. Forget your troubles and sing! Post a video of yourself singing your favorite song and enjoy watching videos of others.

Like "normal" karaoke nights, you'll see a mix of incredibly talented folks as well as those who are just up there to have a good time. Likely with the help of some liquid courage. It's all in good fun and it allows a bit of a distraction from the realities of the world.

Unlike "normal" karaoke nights, you'll also see some cute kids! Hey, they're home and need something to do right? (I wonder if it counts as music class?)

If you'd like to join follow the link here. Once approved you're in and free to post your own video and comment on others!

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