I grew up in Gorham, Maine, in the '80s and '90s. If you were to ask young Chris what kind of town Gorham was, he would tell you it was tiny. Young Chris would say there was little to do, no excitement...just boring, small-town living.

Of course, none of this was true. Gorham was a great town to grow up in. It had plenty to do, lots of great eateries, a college campus, and at the time, a population over 11,000. How ridiculous was I?

I must admit, I pulled the same move six years ago when my wife and I moved to Buxton, a town of only...8,000. Clearly I still have very little concept of what little town really means in Maine.

Full disclosure, when I travel, I typically go south. Sadly, I haven't spent enough time experiencing the beauty and history of our great state. However, that is about to change, because I just found a whole bunch of towns I need to go visit.

While researching the Census for a project, I came across countless Maine towns with populations less than 200. It was incredibly fascinating to see. I'm not talking plantations and unincorporated areas, but actual incorporated towns. There are more people in line at the grocery store than live in these towns.

I was obsessed by it, so I decided to put together a list of the 20 least populated towns in Maine, and now it's a goal of mine to visit all of them. I learned a great deal from just putting the actual list together. These towns might be small, but are big in history.

How many of these towns have you been to?

A quick note, these numbers are from the 2020 Census results. Only communities designated as towns were included.

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