The Buckfield Mall in Buckfield, Maine, has got national attention for its name. People who travel through the small town of Buckfield in Western Maine, with just over 2,000 residents, do a double-take seeing a small convenience store in this tiny town.

The name "Buckfield Mall" is what makes tourists who have never driven through Buckfield think "Who are they kidding? That's not a mall." It isn't a mall in the true sense, but when you compare it to the malls in nearby Lewison and Auburn (which have either closed or gone down since their heyday in the '80s), The Buckfield Mall was the store that all of Buckfield's residents stopped at on a regular basis.

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I say "was the store" because sadly, The Buckfield Mall closed rather abruptly over Labor Day weekend, leaving the residents of Buckfield without their local convenience store and without gas available in town.

According to the Sun Journal, owners David and Vicki Dean blamed the closing over defamation by former employees on social media, which led to a decline in business. The Deans explained that this "made it clear that to continue does not make sense for us financially or for our well-being."

So what does this mean for the 2000+ residents of Buckfield? The pizza and subs, convenience store items, and most importantly, the gas, will no longer be available. Residents who need gas will have to travel to nearby South Paris or Auburn to fill up.

Buckfield, however, still has Tilton's Market, which has fresh meats, pizza, sandwiches, and burgers, as well as other convenience items like liquor.

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