For more then 43 years, Elizabeth Ann has stood at the corner of Sabattus Street and East Avenue as a landmark in Lewiston. For many longtime townies, it was the original place in Lewiston to grab a snack, some gasoline or any other last minute sundries while on the run. But times change, and so do surroundings, and it appears the time is now for Elizabeth Ann to say goodbye.

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Last year, a brand new Irving gas station was constructed in a long-abandoned parking lot once belonging to a grocery store. That Irving station featured plenty of options that Elizabeth Ann didn't, including a selection of fresh food, pay-at-the-pump options, and an Amato's location inside.

Elizabeth Ann has plenty of history with Lewiston. According to the Sun Journal, it once served as Lewiston/Auburn's first and only 24-hour gas and convenience store. It was also family-owned by the Everett family until May of 2017. When it was sold, the new owner promised to keep it open until the next opportunity for the land came up, that opportunity appears to be now.

What exactly will go into the prime location that Elizabeth Ann holds is anyone's guess but Lewiston residents have already begun buzzing about the possibilities. New retail or new restaurants seem to be the most common suggestion.


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