Our sweet Maine Center for Disease Control director is now a sweet candy bar.


Dr. Nirav Shah is the perfect person to deliver coronavirus news. He's calming, smart and a little funny too. He is beloved. Wilbur's of Maine Chocolate Confections loves him too and wanted to honor him with his own candy bar. News Center Maine reports that they weren't sure if Dr. Shah would like the idea or not. He does. And now his face is on a candy bar...The Shah Bar (milk or dark chocolate).

I love this. He's so sweet and so is the candy! Catherine Carty-Wilber, one of the founders came up with the idea. The best part of this amazing candy bar is that 10% of the money for the bar (it's 2.25) goes to the Freeport Community Services Food Pantry.

Catherine and her husband Tom were the original founders and owners of Wilbur’s, but her son Andy and his wife took over in 2016 and loved the The Shah Bar idea.



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