Maine's history with boats is practically state history. With the prominence of Portland's port in shipping back and forth to Europe, and the legacy of Bath Iron Works, it's no wonder we have an anchor on our state flag. In celebration of that heritage, Maine reclaimed one of its most important pieces of work.

As reported by WMTW News 8, an iconic ship is finally coming back to where it was made. In the video below, we see a grand welcome for the Mary E schooner, making it's way to the Maine Maritime Museum in Bath, complete with cannon fire (the cherry on top of any family gathering or special occasion). Take a look here:

WMTW states the Mary E was built in Bath in 1906, as well as later being restored there. The ship is believed to be the oldest wooden fishing vessel still in operation on the high seas, and the Maine Maritime Museum could not be more excited to have it on hand. The museum purchased it from a man in New York, and will be restoring the ship over the summer before putting it on display.

The Maine Maritime Museum is already a seriously cool place to visit, but I think it just got way cooler. Get more information about the museum here.

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