As a realtor, I tend to nerd out on fun facts and stats. So naturally, I thought it would be fun to find the smallest home that sold in Portland, Maine, in 2023.

To be fair, I set some ground rules for my search. For a structure to qualify as a “house,” it needed to not be attached to multiple other homes, and have at least one bedroom, one bathroom, a septic system, electricity, and heat. Basically, it had to be set up for year-round living.

And the winner is…96 Florida Ave, the petite yet perfect home (for one or two people) that sold for a jaw-dropping $385,000 in 2023.

Raylene Estabrook of Signature Homes Real Estate Group via Zillow
Raylene Estabrook of Signature Homes Real Estate Group via Zillow

We often see the word “cozy” in real estate. That’s usually code for “small”, so we’ll use that adjective (along with charming) to describe this two-bedroom home. But just because it’s tiny doesn’t mean it doesn’t have its amenities.

Listed by Raylene Estabrook of Signature Homes Real Estate Group, this 600-square-foot home with an open concept design is small in size, but packs in a lot of sunshine. As you step inside, you're greeted by a delightful kitchen that opens up to a spacious living room, perfect for hosting friends (maybe just one or two), or kicking back after a long day. The home also boasts beautiful hardwood and tile flooring.

Despite its small footprint, this home does have a full basement, providing plenty of storage space or the potential for future expansion. Looking at the pictures, it would be perfect for a home gym, office space, or maybe even a bonus living room.

Let’s talk about that deck. I think it’s bigger than the home itself. Okay, okay, slight exaggeration, but this is perfect for entertaining friends and family, especially since things would likely get a bit tight if your summer backyard barbecue was inside.

Then you’ve got the fenced backyard, perfect for entertaining or letting the pets out to play.

They say location is everything, and despite its small size, 96 Florida Ave is big when it comes to location as it’s conveniently situated close to walking trails and shopping. I’ll just stop there, because who are we kidding? It’s in Portland, Maine –  a huge value in itself.

So, here's to 96 Florida Ave, Portland's tiniest treasure.

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