If you're the type that will open TikTok and aimlessly scroll through video after video not realizing that legitimate hours have passed you by (and let's be real -- that's all of us at this point), then you probably remember one of the most viral videos of the summer.

liv.huckins via TikTok
liv.huckins via TikTok

S'Huckins Lobstah Ice Cream Challenge

One of the most viral sensations this summer on TikTok was the Ice Cream Challenge trend, which, long story short, saw videos taken from the POV of the customer mentioning to an employee at an ice cream stand that their order was wrong.

What followed was that employee grabbing the ice cream right off the cone and throwing it at a co-worker also in the stand. And while some were funny and everyone who participated was a good sport...

...no one did it as well as S'Huckins Lobstah in Baileyville, Maine.

S'Huckins Lobstah via Facebook
S'Huckins Lobstah via Facebook

Clearly at S'Huckins, pranking your family and co-workers is an absolute way of life. Evidenced not only by the mega-viral Ice Cream Challenge referenced and linked above, but also by the laughs of one of their latest prank videos, which shows co-owner Dallas Huckins being surprised with a cake celebrating his upcoming birthday in a very not-orthodox way.

Unfortunately, the above-linked cake-smash prank video will have to hold us over for the time being, as S'Huckins announced over the weekend that even though they played on opening for their final day, Sunday, August 27, they in fact closed early for the season.

However, the early closing was a result of the outpouring of love from the community, as they simply ran out of enough inventory to open for one final day. Not a bad problem to have.

In the meantime, just like a season-ending cliffhanger on a popular TV show, we'll have to wait until next season for not only more S'Huckins deliciousness to put to our faces but also see what other fun and unique ways they entertain us.

Thanks for a great and fun season, S'Huckins! We miss you already!

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