If you aren't a fan of winter, you may want to avert your eyes.

For those who can't wait for cooler temperatures and the white stuff, then do I have some good news for you: ski season is officially just around the bend.

Put away those golf clubs and break out the bindings. Let's get those skis ready for another year of carving Maine's beautiful ski slopes. Believe it or not, but another ski season is officially underway here in Maine.

First up, Sunday River Ski Resort. The popular mountain is officially open for the season.

It's going to be quite a year for Sunday River. The resort is about drop its second new lift in as many years. Last year it was a heated eight-person lift, the fastest in North America. This year, it will be the debut of the Barker 6.

Part of the resort's 10-year modernization plan, this six-person heated lift will open on the popular Barker Peak. The lift will go all the way to the top of the peak, allowing access to adjacent peaks and all that Barker has to offer.

According to Sunday River, the Barker 6 will have "ergonomic heated seats, an automatically lowering and locking restraining bar, weather-blocking bubbles...and improved wind resistance."

Check out Sunday River's website for all the latest mountain conditions.

Next up is Sugarloaf Mountain. The official opening date of November 17 is fast approaching. Just look at all that white stuff.

Ever since the first trail was cut back in 1950, Sugarloaf has been one of the ski gems of the Northeast. It attracts folks from all over with its massive terrain, righteous snowfields, and incredible beauty. Experts can even enjoy the above-treeline glades. Sugarloaf is the second tallest mountain in Maine, so it can get quite gnarly up there.

The mountain has also introduced many other outdoor activities over the years. They include Nordic skiing, fat biking, tubing, and even cat skiing. Yes, there's plenty of Apres ski choices, too.

Hit up the Loaf website for all the latest conditions.

Maine's other mammoth mountain is gearing up as well. Of course, I'm talking about Saddleback.

Saddlebcak via Facebook
Saddlebcak via Facebook

According to Saddleback's website, the tentative opening date is December 2. This will make many folks in the Rangeley area very happy.

Saddleback is a massive mountain, with huge elevation and a killer expert section at the peak. The mountain is also known for its wonderful beginner section. Plus, you can't beat the views and surroundings. The Rangeley region is simply one of the best in the state.

As exciting as the news is for these three, there are plenty of other Maine ski resorts that will be opening a little later in the year.

It's exciting times, no question about that. Now all we need is a little love from the Mother Nature and this could be one epic season on the skis.

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