A 21-year-old led Maine State Police on a high speed chase with speeds topping out at 110mph on Thursday before finally being apprehended by law enforcement. The 21-year-old suspect reached those speeds on a motorcycle while not wearing a helmet. Thankfully, and surprisingly, nobody was injured during the high speed chase.

Maine State Police took to their Instagram page to share a photo of the suspect and tell the story of what happened. While attempting to log a traffic stop of the 21-year-old suspect operating the motorcycle, the young man refused to stop. From there, he led the Trooper on a lengthy chase that included dangerous driving maneuvers including passing vehicles in no passing lanes at nearly 100mph. Because the operator wasn't wearing a helmet, he was able to be identified by a local police officer in Sanford.

That identification led Maine State Police and the Sanford PD to the residence of the 21-year-old suspect. After a brief interview, the 21-year-old was arrested and charged with a slew of crimes including eluding an officer, criminal speeding, reckless conduct and attaching false plates to the motorcycle. The suspect is currently being held without bail at the York County Jail.


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